FORMED: 1990 Pearl Jam changed the lives of many teen agers growing up in the 90's. They will always will be the band that went against mainstream, did not promote their albums, took on Ticket selling corporations for hiking ticket prices, played giant stadiums across the globe; Yet they were always "college rock" in their approach. But to most of us they were the band that gave us J E R E M Y . Eddie Vedders haunting song about teenage alienation and the lack of communication. Pearl Jam's music has always challenged the listener. Starting from a project called Mother Love Bone to become the most popular American rock & roll band of the '90s.

The Bands first album Ten stands as one of the greatest albums of the last century. With its thought provoking lyrics, grunge guitar sounds and electrifying energy it is a classic. It took a while to reach the top of the charts. And since then has sold over 12 million copies in the US alone. Their next album Vs in 1993 debut at #1 on the charts despite Pearl Jam refusing to promote the album by making videos. The album astonishingly sold a million copies in the first week, going on to sell 9 in all . An extensive stadium tour followed later in the year which was the highest grossing of that year. Vitalogy , the band's third album, appeared at the end of 1994.


For the first two weeks, the album was only available as a limited vinyl release. The record charted in Top 20. But once the album was available on CD and Tape it rocketed to the Top. Selling 5 million copies till date Having had three No.1 selling albums on the trot, Pearl Jam was at the top of their musical abilities. Eddie Vedder was the “Rock Hero” of millions. However their prominence as a band also reached new heights with the end of Nirvana. They were the only surviving members of the Grunge Revolutions. Pearl Jam had got into a legal duel with ticket agency Ticketmaster. Which they were to lose. Their US tour was cancelled at some venues due to this legal battle.

They did find time to be the backing band for Neil Young’s acclaimed album Mirrorball Pearl Jam took a U-turn on their fourth album No Code.Released in the summer of 1996, the album debut at #2 on the charts , but because of it's weird mix of rock, world-beat and new sounds, it quickly slipped down the charts.Selling a paltry million copies compared to their other albums. The band took the fans response seriously and almost immediately started work on a new album . This was to be a return to the old hard-edged sound of the first album. Yield released in 1998. The album was greeted with enthusiastic reviews upon its February 1998 release, However, music had gone through a sea change since the first album.

The grunge movement had almost died. It had become somewhat of a large Corporate style attack of “Modern Rock” tracks. It was more marketing and less creative.It had lost out as the "College Rock" feel was no longer there. The albums were more richly layered and produced. Other bands had also lost out in the battle such as Soundgarden , The Smashing Pumpkins to name a few. Hip-Hop had stared to rule the airways. Therefore the commercial appeal of this new album was not very straight forward . It did however manage to sell a million copies. Meanwhile Eddie Vedder found time to record a few songs with Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan for a Movie Soundtrack. The movie being Natural Born Killers by Oliver Stone.


Matt Cameron replaced Jack Irons on drums before they recorded a cover song Last Kiss which was to be their biggest single ever. The group returned with a strong album called Binaural. This album was produced by long time collaborator Tchad Blake . Pearl Jam did make a few TV appearances to promote the album but just like it’s previous two albums the commercial appeal of the album was not as strong due to no Single appearing on the Top Ten charts. Easily the most influential and successful band of the 90s, Pearl Jam will be the band that saves Rock from the Boyband Pop trash.

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